All portraits are painted in oils on canvas exclusively for you by my own hand, one brushstroke at a time, creating genuine works of art! They are not computer generated, outsourced to another artist or mere copies of your photographs. An artist’s rendition captures the spirit, soul and personality of the subject. A true artist sees beyond the frozen moment of the camera’s shutter. I use your photos as a visual reference to depict an accurate likeness but with thoughtful observation and the ability to improve and edit, I look for the story and paint life onto the canvas that photography cannot provide.

Steps to a Finished Portrait:

Let’s Talk:

Send me an e-mail or give me a call so that we can discuss what you envision for your portrait and I can personally answer your questions. If you already have some photographs, even if you’re not sure if they are the right ones, send them along, I can help you get started.



Photography, some helpful tips:

Painting animal portraits requires suitable photographic reference to obtain a good likeness of your special pet.

  • Take photos outdoors, early or late in the day, if inside in a bright room its best with no camera flash.


  • Stay low, at the pet’s eye level, not standing above.


  • Capture that personality, silly, sleepy or regal. Action can be fun too, just more challenging to photograph.


  • Remember I can edit out the background but I need to see your pet clearly, so good focus and lighting are essential.


  • Most important, take lots of pictures in different poses and locations! I often work from more than one image


  • Sadly if your pet is no longer with you, and your treasured photo reference is limited then I will do my best to honor your special friend.


When Will the Portrait be finished?

Portraits usually require 6 to 12 weeks to complete depending on the workload at the time.




For Single subject with a coordinating background color 


          8” x 10”           $300

        11” x 14”           $375

        16” x 20”           $500

        18” x 24”           $650


Custom portraits with additional subjects and/or specific backgrounds will increase the overall price. This amount will be dependent on size and complexity of the commission.   


Completed paintings are unframed, but canvases are standard sizes for easy framing.


Shipping is available at additional cost.


Payment and contract:


Once all decisions are made you will be provided with a contract.

A non-refundable 30% down payment is required to begin the process of painting your pet portrait.


When the portrait is complete I will send you an image of the finished work of art for approval, before I ship or deliver. Payment balance is due at this time.

I welcome your input and communication and strive to make the artistic experience of commissioning a Portrait of your Pet, special Farm Friend or favorite Wildlife Animal a positive, effortless and memorable experience.

Beth Drainville