About the Artist

Beth Drainville works from her studio in Rockville, RI, painting and illustrating in oils or watercolor. Pets, wildlife and the rural lifestyle are the focus of much of her work. Living and working on her small farm surrounded by acres of nature conservation land, brings understanding, awareness and authenticity to her artwork.


Her painting style is direct and expressive, with loose, confident brushwork. She captures the ever changing wonder of nature and the inner quality and personality of the animals she paints. With a limited palette of clean colors she renders the light, texture and spirit of animals on canvas, from wild Red Fox to lovable family Labrador.

When not in her studio, Beth is often painting en plein air. The immediacy of painting outdoors, personally observing and responding to changing conditions and how they affect the subject, is reflective in the style of Beth’s work. Her alla-prima technique and a bold use of fiery reds, radiant gold and rich browns, capture the ever changing wonder of nature and the landscape.


As a skilled fine artist, Drainville produces the highest quality commissioned work using the best materials, appropriately priced and completed when promised. Custom work will be a source of pride and decoration for the home, an investment or a much appreciated gift for someone special. A commissioned animal painting memorializes a treasured pet or prized livestock. Paintings of wildlife express a collector’s commitment and connection to art and the natural world.